Ben Foster

A photographer based out of London, capturing London as he goes

I grew up on the outskirts of London so whilst the purists may argue that I’m not a cockney lad in its truest sense I’ve always considered London to be “home” having spent so much time in and around the capital. It’s a city that has grown close to my heart and plays a central role in many happy memories from days in Regents Park as child, watching the fireworks light up the Thames to the London Olympics in 2013 and enjoying leisurely Sunday adventures with my wife, baby boy and girl discovering new parts of London.

Looking back, I suppose I started my London photography journey seriously in 2009 having been interested in all forms of photography since my early teens and having worked in a photography lab during my school and college years.

My first camera was a film Canon EOS 350 – which was the stalwart of my learning. Given that digital was not really available at the time, there was no choice but to practice with film and starting out this way forced me to grasp the basics, especially around exposure, light and composition – certainly no options to correct it digitally afterwards!

My move into the digital world came with a Canon 450D in 2009, using my old film lenses to get me started before slowly upgrading bits and pieces over time as my photography hobby started to become more involved. Whilst an interest in post processing of my digital images started to develop; given my film background I am advocate of spending the effort to get as much right via the camera as I can.

Most of my London photography is influenced by some of the great architecture and portrait photographers – whilst I don’t try to emulate their work directly, I feel it no doubt feeds into my creative style. My love of photography, being outdoors and walking around the ‘real’ London has inspired me to start this blog; not only as a medium for sharing my London work that I have built up but also as a way of spurring me on to spend more time behind a camera.

I am fascinated in exploring the use of natural light, natural tones and textures to create dynamic and interesting images which leaves me searching for new and inspiring images that I can capture creatively whilst persevering the ‘real-life’ moment.

I hope that the London photography contained on my site captures the heart of London which can only really be seen and felt by walking the streets of London. As you’ll see, I tend to shoot what I see – so this blog will contain various different genres of photography which in turn compliments the cosmopolitan heart of the city.

Away from the online world, I am fortunate to sell some of my photographs in a local independent shop as well as making my prints available for purchase direct in addition to featuring in publications such as National Geographic Traveller.

I hope that you enjoy the images available here on my blog and please feel free to contact me via my contact page if you have any queries or comments.